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Gundam wing drabble

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Title: Bending the wings
Author/Artist: nova_bright
Pairing/Characters: Chang Wufei/Duo Maxwell
Rating: M 15+
Word count: 207

Duo moves like a madman, a whirling dervish. He is a whirlwind of chaos in Wufei's calm little centre, and Wufei loves him just a little more for it.
"Maxwell, if you do not get out of my way, I will strike you down, like the dog you are." He says, and Duo laughs affectionately. Wufei has forgotten how to say 'I love you' any other way then death threats.
Duo understands.

Duo slides his large hands down the flat plane of Wufei's stomach, and then stills at the concave of his hipbones. He is leaving bruises, but that was the way that both of them liked it. Marked and made by each other.
Duo bites at Wufei's neck, and the smaller boy arches into him, rests his head on Duo's shoulder. Only in these moments will Wufei let himself go, let himself be supported. Pride is Wufei's defining quality. He is too often blinded by it, but luckily, Duo's eyes are strong enough for the two of them.

Both of them are unclothed, their hair free from ties. They lay curled together on the bed, legs tangled together, shaking with the aftermath of orgasm.
And Death is smiling, whilst the Dragon weeps.


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