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Harry Potter Drabble: Percy

Title: Learning to fall is easier
Rating: R
Warnings: Creepiness, may bite.
Word count: 151

Percy is waiting, watching the sky with cold, calm eyes. The day is clear and he watches his eldest brother sweep and swoop on that old ratchedey broom. Percy had made the snitch himself, fashioned it out of tin foil and wire.
"Percy! Watch out!" Shrieks Bill, and Percy watches his brother lose control of the broom, and crash land. He walks over, whilst the sun beats down on his pale skin, and looks at his dazed brother. Bill's lip has spilt, and his shirt has ridden up. Bill snarls something, and crushes Percy against his body.
Percy thinks his brother looks beautiful. His blood tastes like fire.

Later, when Bill is done, Percy lays down carefully, to avoid new bruises. Fingerprints are visible on the flat of his hip bones.

Percy watches the sky the next day too. One day he will be the Quidditch player on the broom. Til then he is waiting, watching.

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