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Sun, Sep. 24th, 2006, 12:35 am
wee_little_me: hmmm...

I wonder if this community is still active. I have a very...unique fic request. Its not anime so...well lets see where I go with this.

I am doomed to have the hotts for redheads. I cant help it, just looking at a redhead makes me squee. My GOD! My last trip to the CNE made me wet everywhere I looked. There seems to be a LOT of redheads that go.

Any way, I just watched the movie Take the Lead where my newly aquired facination takes place. And, in typical me fasion I just HAD to go gaga over the character Kurd (Yes, the white guy that doesnt own a mirror. Anyone who's seen the movie will understand that line). Basic plot summar: ghetto school (metal detectors and all) and some guy who runs a ballroom dancing studio challanges some kids to dance. And they do awsome, great sucess story, yada yada. Kurd (a rather insignificant character, actually) ens up crushing on his dance partner, a girl known as 'big' because she's...big. Only one scene touches on the fact that he's falen for her (and I really must ask the question: why dient they expand on this idea at all. they said he had a crush and thats it, no more development).

And so Im begging everyone that is here and has seen the movie to make me a fic about them. I have no requests beyond that. You can make it as romantic or dirty as you want. Oh wait I do have a request: no beastality or necrophelia... though thats probably a given. Other than that im ok with everything from slow passion to peeping toms to rape or rimming.

Does this make me a terrible person? lol.
Thank you in advance. And even though the community says 24h, Im ok with a few weeks as well (I know I cant be demanding with this request).