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Sailor moon fanfic

Sailormoon was my first exposure to fanfic, so I guess it's odd that I've never really been confident in my ability to write BSSM fic. However, it's been a few years since I was deeply infatuated with the fandom, and I think I've got enough distance to write what I want.

Rating is about M, pairing is Hotaru/Chibi-Usa. Watch out for angst on your way out!

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Here's a story...

It began with Kaze Hikaru. While reading it I fell in LOVE with Soji/Toshi. Instantly, the desire for Kaze Hikaru fanfiction hit. However, there was none to be found. BUT, because Kaze Hikaru is based on the RL Shinsengumi, I decided to look for RPS instead. However, I still didnt find any.

So now, after weeks of fruitless searching, i come to you oh humble community. Please, oh please oh please, provide me with any slash based on the shinsengumi. (I've become desperate at this point). Whether it's Soji/Toshi or not, whether it's based on the RL shinsengumi or on Kaze Hikaru, i could care less. I just want some shinsengumi slash. Please. *dead*
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Moorcock fic...I promise it will be weird...

Title: Silver'd ribbons still curl round my neck
Fandom: The Eternal Champion saga
Rating: M 15+

Summary: Jerry Cornelius remembers the cloying scent of prayer, the sugared taste of Catherine, and the greased look of Frank.

Author's notes: The lyrics are "What you meant", by Franz Ferdinand. They seemed highly suited for a Cornelius adventure. This is not really a story in the strictest sense of the word.

Began: 9.40am 31/10/05
Finished: 11.38am 31/10/05
Word count (discounting lyrics!): 961

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First of many...Samurai Champloo fic.

Yes, I have signed up for fanfic100 three times, and I will be posting all of the fics I write for it here.

Prepare for lots of Champloo, Moorcock and Aquarion.

Title: Broken
Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Author: Ix Tab
Rating: R18+
Summary: Jin feels. Mugen is broken, but may improve.

Word count: 1622
Began: 10.37am 27/10/05
Finished: 5.32pm 27/10/05

Author's note: First Champloo fic, pretty happy with it. One down, 99 to go.

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Fic challenge for the strong of heart and brave of liver!

OK, for your amusement and pleasure, fastfics is proud to present the first fic challenge...and what do you suppose it is?

The INNAPROPRIATE song fic challenge!

Yes, that's right, people! Find a song that doesn't work in any way with the scenario, characters or fandom, and work that bitch in. Extra points if you can manage it in a way other than interspersing the fic with lyrics.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing!
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