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Fic addiction makes you crave certain things

The fic that you can't find but need to have.

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Fast fanfiction, for those people in need
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Fic that you can't find but must have.

Newly formed and ready for action fastfics is a community for those of us who want certain fanfic but can't find it, or can't escape the GOD DAMN schlock! ALL fic requests answered, though satisfaction cannot always be assured.

We have a 24 hour limit on fic writing, because this is about instant gratiFICation, people.

ANY fandom, any pairing, any kink, any desire may be asked of us.

Violent, erotic and stories with mature content must have warnings attatched.
Stories must be sumbited under livejournal cut.

Authors and readers, pray enter our humble abode.

The clock is ticking....

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